Sage Financials is now improved and GoBD-compliant.
Integrated document management is the key.

Efficient, clearly structured and GoBD-compliant.

d.velop documents for Sage Financials is a high-performance document management solution that integrates seamlessly into Sage Financials. Archive your documents securely and automatically in compliance with GoBD principles. Keep track of your processes and stay up to date to increase your efficiency. Sage Financials becomes the hotspot for all your critical information and makes you even more productive. Extend access to business critical documents across departments, for instance to employees who work in different IT ecosystems like Salesforce CRM. Optimize your processes – thanks to d.velop documents for Sage Financials.

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Improve your productivity

Have all of the documents you need at your fingertips, not only within Sage Financials but across departments (for instance, within Salesforce CRM).


Fulfil regulatory requirements

Tax-related documents have to be stored in a fashion that allows your organisation to fulfil regulatory requirements. D.velop documents provides the basis for ensuring GoBD conformity.


Stengthen your team

d.velop documents is seamlessly integrated in Sage Financials. The solution is intuitive and easy to use, resulting not only in greater productivity, but also in improved employee satisfaction.


Lower costs

Data storage induces costs. D.velop documents includes 10 GB of free storage per user. Storage costs are significantly lowered as a result.


Document availability

In order to implement company-wide processes, documents are accessible via web browser independently of Sage Financials.


Safeguard knowledge

One misplaced click and an important document is accidentally deleted. Secure archiving ensures that important knowledge is not lost.

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  • Document filing made easy
  • Comfortable document search
  • Integrated invoice data extraction
  • Scan documents from your browser via WebScan
  • Automated creation of file plans
  • Automated invoice filing
  • OCR functionality
  • Document versioning
  • Sharing & forwarding
  • Access independent of Sage Financials
  • Integration in Salesforce
  • GoBD-ready archiving
  • Cost effective data storage
  • 10 GB storage per user

d.velop documents for Sage Financials - simple, fast, effective. 

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