d.velop d.3ecm as a cloud service
Enterprise content management in the cloud

You now spoilt for choice: benefit from running your digital document management on premises, as a native cloud service, or as a hybrid of both.

Trust in d.velop's 25 years of ECM experience and take the step into the cloud without any risk. Comprehensive document management, legally secure archiving and extensive workflow functionality – just book the service and get start.

√ Choice of provision on-prem, in the cloud or as a hybrid of both
√ Comprehensive DMS functionality
√ No local system resources required
√ Ease the burden on your IT staff
√ Easy administration
√ Up to date functionality thanks to automatic updates
√ GoBD-ready* (relevant to companies operating in Germany)

*GoBD-compliant archiving requires additional organizational measures on your side in addition to the technology. Feel free to contact us in this regard!

 The operating model

d.velop business services GmbH provides you with a complete and dedicated d.3ecm system on server systems hosted in Germany. d.velop handles the configuration, operation and maintenance of your system. You don't have to worry about anything else. You can expand the already extensive functionality with additional services ptailored to your needs and provided by your d.velop partner from the d.velop competence network

 Relief for your IT department

Forget expensive system maintenance, laborious updates, non-transparent cost models and resource-heavy storage systems on site. Using d.velop d.3ecm as your cloud service makes your work easier and gives you additional security.



Image: Business documents are imported  in to your d.3ecm system. You have the choice of accessing all your required functions on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid storage variant.

d.3ecm as a cloud service, at a glance.

  • Flexible model - Thanks to its individual scalability as a cloud sevice, d.3ecm always adjusts to your specific usage pattern.
  • Stable system - d.3ecm as a cloud service is operated by d.velop and cas a result, the software is always kept up to date. You no longer have to worry about procuring or maintaining hardware or storage systems.
  • Cost-efficient use - you only pay for the users who actually use d.3ecm. In doing so, you benefit from flexible packages based around individual user profiles.
  • Managed service - d.velop is completely responsible for the administration of d.3ecm as a cloud service.


Native cloud

Benefit from more than 25 years of experience in process digitization and use the entirely cloud-based version of the renowned d.velop d.3ecm system – no local installation, maintenance or hardware required.


On premises

Trust in the classic on-site implementation of the d.3ecm system in your company, as tried and tested by more than 7,500 customers. When the time is right, we are happy to provide migration support to help you take the step into cloud.



Start off simply, for instance, by storing your digital repository in the cloud, while keeping your actual d.3ecm installation in your company. You can gradually migrate individual, specific processes to the cloud before eventually moving the entire system into the cloud.

FAQ for d.velop d.3ecm as a cloud service

Where is my data stored?

Multiple copies of your data are stored in multiple data region in the metropolitan city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.



Is the archiving GoBD-compliant?

Compliance with auditing and regulatory standards is a given. Adherence to standards such as Germany's GoBD or compliance with the upcoming EU GDPR do not pose a technical challenge when using d.3ecm in the cloud and can be achieved without issue.

What does d.3ecm as a cloud service cost?

d.3ecm as a cloud service is billed in different, usage-based variants on a monthly basis. As a result, you can simply tailor the costs to your individual requirements at any time. You only pay for what you really use.


How expensive is the system to operate?

We administer it for you! Concentrate on what is really important. Don't waste unnecessary time on operating your own on-premise system. You can use d.3ecm as a cloud service quickly and easily.





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